thoughts for Monday morning
thoughts for Monday morning

thoughts for Monday morning

It’s Monday and for me, that starts a new work week.  I have a passion for my job and enjoy the folks I work with, but some Monday mornings, especially rainy ones, I wish I could curl up on the couch with my grandmother’s afghan and a cup of tea.  So as I steal a few moments before I head out the door, here are some thoughts on a Monday morning.

For our family, Sunday is the day of sabbath and preparation.  We rest, we play, and we get ready for the week ahead.  I’ve learned with my daughter that to avoid the Sunday evening blues during the school year, it helps her to look at the calendar, know what’s ahead for the week, and get herself organized.

Monday, however, means we have to put it into practice.  Monday brings with her lost shoes and early alarms, escaped

what path will this Monday hold for you?

chickens and spilled smoothies.  Monday taunts us–“Ha, bet you didn’t plan for that,”  and we are usually up and running and just trying to keep one step ahead of her.

But Monday also opens the door to new opportunities and learned lessons, memorable experiences and unexplored paths.  We make it to the kitchen table Monday night and share stories of new journeys begun or old chapters finished.  And as we prepare for the next day, the last of the spilled smoothie is wiped away, and shoes are placed safely in the closet.  We have been initiated into another week.


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