lessons learned:  are you a Rosie or a Lucy?
lessons learned: are you a Rosie or a Lucy?

lessons learned: are you a Rosie or a Lucy?

This morning, I am thinking about friendship.  You see, in the midst of being a busy, working mom with friends who are busy, working moms, it can be a challenge to find time together.  Yesterday, I had the fortune and gift of sharing not one, but two meals with dear friends, and boy, did it do my soul some good.

As I lay in bed last night giving thanks for friends, I remembered a moment with the Sisters outside the night before.

sweet baby Oreo

Rosie, the leader of the group, and Lucy, the boss of the group, happily munched on bugs and green strawberries as I weeded that part of the garden.  Somehow, Oreo, the baby of the bunch, had ventured out on her own and ended up on the other side of the car in the driveway.  She could hear the other two but not see them and was stricken with panic.  Bless her heart, she’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch so she couldn’t figure out that if she took 3-4 steps, she’d see her friends again.

When she began shrieking, both Rosie and Lucy look up from their task at hand.  Lucy peered over in the direction of Oreo’s voice but proceeded back to her work of locating dinner.  Rosie, however, walked over to Oreo, gave her a few words of reassurance, then nudged her back in the right direction.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I’m not judging Lucy’s actions. Oreo wasn’t hurt, and (hopefully,) she would have made it around the car at some point.  Lucy was doing what she needed to do–find dinner.

It dawned on me though that sometimes, I become Lucy.  I get so caught up in getting my daily tasks accomplished that I

Rosie kissing Lucy

don’t make time for others.  I get focused on work and parenting and homesteading, and friendship takes a back seat (or gets left on the other side of the car as in Oreo’s case).

In my time this morning, I am tucking into my heart the picture of Rosie taking the time to amble over to Oreo and helping her back to the garden.  It reminds me that I want to be more of a Rosie and not be so consumed by the day-to-day responsibilities like Lucy that I forget to connect with the people I care about in my life.



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