prayer for rain

Give life to the grass by sending us rain.

Give life to our earth by sending us rain.

Give life to our crops by sending us rain.

Give life to our children by sending us rain.

~Dinka Prayer, Sudan

I almost didn’t recognize Morning today.  She arrived filled with a grey and heavy heart, and she sits in my gardens and confides in Nature.  Her tears fall lightly on the tips of leaves who drink them daintily as if they were sharing afternoon tea.  Her sorrow becomes my farm’s joy–it has been a long time since they have tasted this life-giving force.

I sit here at my kitchen table and feel grateful for the rain.  It sustains and cleanses and brings forth new life.  But my own gratitude is bittersweet as I know that there are lands close by and far away that pray for Morning to come and cry on their door step so that they may have food.  I pray that she will find her way to their homes and their farms and stay awhile.

3 Comments on “prayer for rain

  1. Cameron, your metaphor is beautiful and bittersweet. Farmers often find themselves at the mercy of Morning, praying for the rain to come . . . and sometimes praying for it to visit other lands for a time.

    “Farming in northern Ohio was never an easy life, but it was a secure life in the late 1950s. The long days of summer were filled with the hot work of plowing, planting and hoping for the rain to come and sometimes praying for the rain to stop.”

      • That’s very kind, Cameron. I’m glad. My sister-in-law enjoyed your post, too.

        Yes, it is! Your words brought it back to mind, so I thought I would share it with you.

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