lessons learned:  bloomin’ where you’re planted
lessons learned: bloomin’ where you’re planted

lessons learned: bloomin’ where you’re planted

Bloom where you are planted.

~Mother Jones

It has been a busy couple of weeks–busier than I’d like to imagine.  And in all of God’s humor (she does like to tease me), I’ve also encountered what we’ll call a few “life lessons” along the way.  All in all, my time has been spent less in the

red day lily

gardens and more on other tasks–namely, self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and housework.

Typically, when I come to such a place on my journey, I am so focused on stopping, resting and thinking that I forget to look around at the scenery.  Last night, as I walked out into the farm, she surprised me with many, many changes.  Majestic lilies with their vibrant colors decorated the outskirts of the flower beds.  Small bush bean pods hung patiently on stalks awaiting more hot sun and cool rain.  Shiny Japanese beetles munched hungrily on the magenta roses.  Eeeek!  (cue “screeching to a halt” sound effect)

Yep, there they were–the Japanese beetles had arrived.  As I searched around the gardens, I noted which plants they’d ravaged.  I will admit, I was not so considerate with these creatures–while I didn’t smoosh any, I did flick a few into the wild green yonder.  Ugh!

I took a moment to breathe then stepped back into the reality of Creation.  Japanese beetles too are a part of the cycle of things here.  Even as veggies, fruits, and flowers bloom where they are planted, there are Japanese beetles, rabbits, and caterpillars waiting for a delicious meal.

And yet, plants continue to grow, and they continue to bloom.

Standing in the crossroads on my own path, I realized, I could do the same.

Japanese beetles on the roses

Each of us has a few Japanese beetles to contend with as we tend to our own gardens.  The grace of it is this–our Creator, our Parent offers us the opportunity to learn from it and keep growing–to keep blooming where we are planted, even if our petals are a little tattered.  It is up to us to listen and learn and nurture ourselves so we can grow into that space.

And so, after the sun set on growing grace farm, I came inside and perused the internet for some green tips on removing Japanese beetles.  You see, there’s one rose bud left out there, and I know with a little TLC, she’ll be bloomin’ in no time.

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