radiate your light like the lightning bug

Make me

a still place of light

a still place of love

of you

your light radiating

your love vibrating

your touch and your healing

far flung and near

to the myriads caught

in darkness, in sickness

in lostness, in fear

make a heart-center here,

Light of the World.

~Prayer from Malling Abbey, Denmark

Last night as I was reading in bed, a small tickling on my arm distracted me.  There strolled a small lightning bug, ignorant to my observation.  I lay in repose and watched that tiny creature crawl up my shoulder and onto my chest.  And then–light!

That lightning bug did not know me, did not think about who I might be or what I might do.  It just shared a bit of the light it has been graced with by the Creator.

May we all be like that lightning bug, sharing our light with whomever we meet on our journey.

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