oh honey, you’re a homesteader!
oh honey, you’re a homesteader!

oh honey, you’re a homesteader!

Carrie: Samantha?… Samantha tell me the truth. I know people don’t mean it when they say that but I do.

Samantha: Oh, honey. You’re a model.

Carrie: You’d tell me, right?

Samantha: Absolutely, you’re a model.

~Sex in the City, Season 4, Episode 2

Today, I sat at my kitchen table creating a “thank you” gift for a friend.  As I tied the raffia around the

peaches getting ready for jam

homemade ginger peach jam, I glanced up to admire the Mason jar filled with flowers from my garden.  It felt very special to give something I had made and something I had grown as a sign of appreciation for a person dear to my heart.

While decorating the tag for the jar of jam, I noticed the chickens weren’t chirping.  I glanced out the open door and past the porch–there were the Sisters wallowing in their dirt bath under the bushes.  Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by the kettle alerting me to check the mint and lemon balm tea.

And that’s when it hit me–I am a homesteader!  I could hear Samantha’s voice from Sex in the City affirming me–“Oh honey, you’re a homesteader!”  Granted, it’s not as sexy as Carrie Bradshaw modeling Dolce and Gabanna underwear, but hey, I do sport a pretty cute cherry-covered apron!

Typically, my life feels like it is pulled in many directions, but this evening, after dropping off my daughter at camp, cleaning up the kitchen, and starting the laundry, I actually had the opportunity to get my homestead on!  It was delightful just to play with the flowers, listen to the chickens, and prepare fruit for jamming.

flowers in the arrangement

Plus, it was a great reminder that while I may not always accomplish all that I’d love to do around this little farm, homesteading provides me with a simple and purposeful way of life.  It may not be as exciting as life on the runway, but I can promise you, those heels are nowhere near as comfortable as my gardening boots!

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  1. You’re hilarious. I love that you can link homesteading and sex and the city! hehe.

    Cherish those moments – I’ve had a few lately as well and I just want to cling to them, somehow preserve them for the days that I find my quail headless, or a burn another pie, or don’t get the laundry done on time. It’s easy for this “slow” way of life to get hectic in a hurry. So nice to have time to breathe and enjoy it.

    And I’m with you on the shoes – I haven’t squashed my tootsies into a single pair of stilettos since I quite my cube job – I gave them all away!

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