wilting on the vine

Last week, my dear friend extended an impromptu invitation to dinner on Friday night.  It was kind and thoughtful, and  normally, with two hours of child-free time, I would have jumped at the chance.  But Friday night, I found myself saying to her, “I am wilting on the vine–I’ve got to get outside.”

Wilting on the vine–what an image.  Leave it to a gardener or farmer to describe herself using nature metaphors, but it accurately describes how I feel when I work inside for several days in a row and don’t get my hands in the dirt.  My body and spirit just seem to crave sunlight and fresh air and green, lots and lots of green.

my spirit when it is full of what I need

I realize that not all of you who read this blog may have the same spiritual connection to nature and creation as I do, but I imagine you have passions and dreams that are more than “hobbies”–they are vital to your being.  When we don’t integrate those activities into our daily lives, it’s like withholding sun or rain from a plant.  Yes, we are still alive, but we are not full of life, physically or spiritually.

And so what do we do to keep from wilting on the vine?  We make time for what fills our heart.  We reorganize priorities.  We step out of the routine.  We think outside the box.

And as for me?  I get outside.  Even after a long day filled with work and an evening meeting, I throw on my favorite t-shirt, let the Sisters out for a stroll, and take inventory of my gardens as the moonlight kisses their leaves.  It’s not my wished-for sunny day outside, but it fills my spirit and carries me through.

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