thrifty Thursday:  cardboard canisters
thrifty Thursday: cardboard canisters

thrifty Thursday: cardboard canisters

So you’re an oatmeal eater or drink smoothies with protein powder–chances are you have cardboard canisters that are waiting for a bit of creativity and upcycling!  Here are some ideas for for kids and kids at heart.

  • Canisters are birdfeeders waiting to happen.  Seriously!  They may not last as long as wood or plastic, but given a
    our permaculture snowperson

    hole and a wooden spoon–voila!  Instant bird feeder.

  • Storage containers–these stack so well and are so easy to cover with contact paper, fun foam, construction paper, and fabric.  They are just the right height to hold all those art supplies you or your child is hoarding in the “junk drawer.”
  • Rolling books–I used to make these for infants who still roll on the ground.  Cover with a solid piece of construction paper.  Glue on family photos or pictures of favorite items (my daughter’s had Elmo and animals on hers) then cover the whole thing in clear contact paper.  The contact paper saves the “book” from drool and gumming!
  • Put in/pull out toy–Toddlers never get enough of dropping things in and pulling them pack out.  You can start with the top all the way off, then as their skills progress, cut a slit in the top and have them drop in smaller items. zine/?p=900
  • Other toys:  stack them to build towers, put different items inside and make large shakers/musical instruments, pretend telescope, kaleidoscopes, megaphone
  • Planters–forget buying plastic starter pots–poke a couple of holes in the bottom and use them to hold growing seedlings
  • Gift packaging–decorate the outside, throw in some tissue paper, stack your baked goods inside, and you’re ready to start spreading good cheer

As always–let’s hear ’em!  Post your ideas so we can keep recycling, upcycling, reclaiming, and reusing!

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