lessons learned:  through an open window
lessons learned: through an open window

lessons learned: through an open window

You are the window through which you must see the world. 

~George Bernard Shaw

The company I work with has recently moved offices.  I am delighted!  You see, for someone who thrives off being outdoors, sitting at a desk for most of the day has its challenges.  In this new space, however, I have the luxury of a window that opens, and it is making all the difference.

Outside my 2nd floor space sits a large evergreen tree with several bushes on the ground below.  It is an ideal area forbirds to come rest, chat, and play.  What a glorious feeling to open the window to a bright Spring morning and birdsong.

Yesterday, however, was the first opportunity I’d had to be there working in the afternoon.  As I cranked open the window, the sounds of traffic invaded my workspace.  “Oh, no!” I thought, but as I sank into my chair, I heard the familiar chirping of a cardinal twittering about on the ground below.

It was clear; I had a choice to make.  I could be frustrated by the noise of the roadway, or I could be grateful for the gift of breeze and nature and song that visited me through the open window.  As I continued on with my project, I practiced a bit of mindfulness.  Rather than focusing on the man-made swooshing of passing cars, I listened intentionally to the birds frolicking in the afternoon sun.  It was en enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon, even if I was behind a desk.

Sometimes, it takes an open window to give us new perspective–to consider a different view if we are willing to make the choice to embrace it.window

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