waiting in the hands of the Creator

Lord of the elements and changing seasons, keep me in the hollow of your hand.  When I am tossed to and fro by the winds of adversity and the blasts of sickness and misunderstanding, still my racing heart, quiet my troubled mind. 

storm at the farm

~Brother Ramon, from Earth and Seasons, England

I know I write of great joys that nature and this farm have brought me, but there was a season in my life when that wasn’t so.  There was a time when sadness sat on my front porch and loneliness rested in my bed.  There was a period of mourning and loss, anger and questioning.  There was a time when I would have given anything to avoid coming to this home and doubted that these walls and this land could have ever brought me any happiness again.

I did not hold my Creator responsible for its causes.  I did not question my Creator for the choices made by people.  Rather, I sat in my former yard and cried with my Creator, prayed to my Creator, and waited with my Creator.  And there, I was nurtured and tended to, and I healed and blossomed.

the farm at daybreak
the farm at daybreak

In a time of dark and despair, I found comfort and quiet outside in creation.  And the light came again, and the seasons changed.

Sometimes, we do not know why and we do not know how.  What our gardens, farms, and homesteading activities provide us are peaceful opportunities to just be in the hands of our great Gardener who comforts our trouble and softens our hearts.

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