thrifty thursday: yogurt cups
thrifty thursday: yogurt cups

thrifty thursday: yogurt cups

Oh yeah–you love Greek yogurt, organic yogurt, or old school fruit on the bottom yogurt?  You eat it, and then you’re left with this great container.   What to do?  As a former preschool teacher, I will admit that I am a yogurt cup hoarder.  Besides egg cartons and paper towel tubes, they are probably one of the best items you can upcycle.  How to use?  Here’s how it goes:

http://www.creativity-prompt -upcycle-a-yogurt -container-into-a -surprise-mini -album/
  • Seed starting–yep, perfect size, start your seeds in these.  Just poke a hole in the bottom so water can drain.
  • Paint brush/water color cups–perfect size to clean your brushes, and if it spills, it’s not so much water that it ruins your artwork
  • Soap or candle molds–looking for a great homesteading project?  Yogurt cups serve as a great container that can serve as molds for soap and candles or even ice cubes
  • Snack cups for kids–yes, these are the perfect size for healthy snacks–cheese cubes, homemade fruit cup, or the yogurt itself
  • Nesting/Stacking cups–speaking of kids, yogurt cups of different sizes and shapes can serve as perfect nesting/stacking toys
  • Catch all cups–I am not above using a yogurt container as a cup to hold paperclips, etc.  Have some time on your hands, use some trendy contact or scrapbooking paper to jazz them up
  • Larger yogurt containers can serve to freeze or refrigerate leftovers
  • Art projects–too many to name–paint ’em, modge podge ’em, collage ’em, be creative with ’em
  • Bird feeders–cut a hole in the side, fill it up, and hang it from a tree–the birds won’t know the difference but they
    http://michellesjournal corner.blogspot. com/2009 /02/yogurt -cup-felt- animals.html

    will love the food

So, please don’t throw them away, at the very least recycle them.  BUT if you are wanting to go the extra mile, take an idea or two off this list and upcycle them.


  1. I love reusing these. Most recently, i have them over my little precious starts in the ground, to protect them individually from freezing! I put a rock on top so the wind won’t blow them away. Also, when bringing flowers to someone, I cut a hole in the top, arrange my flowers, put water in the bottom, cover the container is tin foil so it looks prettier, and then can travel with flowers in the car!

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