small, simple things and friday on the farm

Morning here started chilly and rainy but by afternoon, we had cool, sunny weather.  As a part of my Friday afternoon

fuzzy fern fronds

sabbath, I spent time appreciating the small things on the farm.  Yes, I was practicing what I preached in my post on “relaxing activities for the homesteader.”  Today, I decided to take time to appreciate the small, simple things on the farm. What are small, simple things?

  • items you have to sit, stand or stand in a wonky position to look at them on eye level
  • things that require you to be still and quiet so as not to disturb their environment
  • objects that need careful focus or a zoom feature on a camera
  • items created by nature that encompass basic shapes and colors
  • things that are wondrous in their simplicity
  • objects that make you stop, observe, and breathe

So today on the farm, I found fuzzy fern fronds so fat that I almost mistook them for hairy, green caterpillars.  I uncovered the first tender sugar snap sprouts pushing their way through the dried brown mulch.  I turned around and there, perched on a tender limb, sat a family of unripe blueberries turning their plump faces to the sun.

busy buzzing bumblebee

Bumblebees busily buzzed around the azalea bushes.  Cheerful chickadees chattered in the dogwood tree.

I watched, I waited, I rested.  Friday on the farm brought with it a new appreciation for the small, simple things that have arrived with Spring.


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