lessons learned:  taking down the walls~creation’s journey
lessons learned: taking down the walls~creation’s journey

lessons learned: taking down the walls~creation’s journey

Those of you who follow this blog know how deeply I connect my time on the farm with time spent with God.  I believe as human beings we miss so many valuable lessons that can be learned in the simplicity of nature and creation.  I also find that gardening and homesteading offer me quiet opportunities to meditate and pray with God.  It is in those hushed moments when I learn the most about myself and my relationship with the great Gardener who tends my soul.

In the last couple of years, I have spent time maximizing the growing space in my yard, not only for the purpose of

rock borders around the shade gardens

growing more healthy food but also for nurturing native plants.  I find that the flat rock borders that I once placed around gardens have either been covered up by mulch or seem to constrict what it is I am trying to do.  In the last few days, I have realized that I don’t need those boundaries.  God doesn’t keep creation inside a rock wall, why should I?

As I began to remove the large pieces of stone, I realized something.  I have grown from a gardener into a homesteader into a farmer and in the process, have let go of some of the “boundaries” that have enclosed me.  Creation has taught me that growth happens in its own time, not in stops and starts based on mile markers like educational degrees or professional accolades.  Creation likes a little flexibility and artistry, she cannot be confined by fences, stones, trees, or hedges.  She winds her away around them or spills over the edge of them and continues to grow and produce.

Creation thinks “outside the box.”  While she has a purpose, she’s also a dreamer.  She solves problems but takes risks.  She works with what she’s got but isn’t afraid to ask for more.  She reaches beyond her limitations to continue the journey

taking down the walls (and adding more stepping stones to create a mossy stone entryway)

as set forth that first day the seed was planted.

I am Creation, and so are you.  We are part of the garden God is tending to.  We can hope and dream, grow and create.  We just need to be willing to remove the stones from the wall or open the gate on the fence and grow forth.


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