giving thanks for the farmers
giving thanks for the farmers

giving thanks for the farmers

Give thanks for the farmers, and for everyone in the
long chain from soil to mouth via sun and rain.
Give thanks for the plenty in our lives.
Let every mouthful remind us of the privilege of
being alive and more-than-adequately fed,
of being among like-minded souls, and
sharing a wholesome, flavorsome meal.

~Modern prayer from Sicily, Italy

a week's harvest

In the desire to live more sustainably, I evolved in my gardening skills to take on vegetable and fruit gardens.  In the past 3 summers, I have found that I have felt more connected with Creation as well as developed a deeper appreciation for what it means to farm and live off the land.  It truly makes me feel alive to be in the midst of the soil and seedlings and marvel in awe at the first shoots as they push through the dirt and reach towards the sun–that a small entity that looks shriveled and dead can create such life–life that becomes nourishment for other living creatures.

When I sit down to a meal now, I find that prayer time is much more intentional and meaningful.  I feel connected to the Creator and am grateful for the food that is before me as well as thankful to those who tended and harvested it.   I am especially grateful for the fact that my daughter and I are blessed with adequate and healthy food resources.

grateful for fresh and healthy food

As I spend time in my garden, I find that interaction with Creation makes me feel alive and whole.  Because most of us do not live in agrarian communities, I believe we are disconnected with this sense of life and what it means to our spirits.  My prayer is that each of us will take this season of planting and tending to reconnect with the Earth, appreciate what it provides for us, and give thanks to the Creator and Provider.

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