let us be “faithful gardeners of the spirit”
let us be “faithful gardeners of the spirit”

let us be “faithful gardeners of the spirit”

Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth, and without light nothing flowers.  ~May Sarton

I’ve opened the back door on this glorious Saturday morning to hear bird chatter and breeze song.  The light streams plentifully

the grape hyacinth are blooming on the farm

through the living room windows on the east side since our trees have yet to be graced with young green leaves.  I look out the window down on the farm–new mulch slowly replenishes the earth, onion and garlic shoots reach  higher to the light.  It is amazing what sun can do for the spirit.

A couple of days ago, I went to get wheelbarrow out of the shed.  On my workbench sat the pots I store for the winter.  I happened to glance over and witnessed 2 tall stalks standing formidably in one pot and new fern fronds gracefully uncurling in another.  I stood in awe.  Other than a small  bit of light through cracks and crevices, these pots had waited out our mild winter in the darkness of the shed.  Even in darkness, the Creator had provided other sources of strength and replenishment to help them grow.

out of the darkness. . .

Sometimes, when we enter times of darkness, it seems challenging to find the light.  We stumble on the journey, blinded by the dark.  We are so overwhelmed by that feeling that we often don’t notice that God’s love is there, waiting on us.  Even in darkness, we are offered what we need to continue, grow, and be whole again.

Without a threat of frost in the forecast, I will go out to the shed today and move those plants outside for the week.  Undoubtedly, they will delight in being warmed by the sunshine and whisper “aaaahhh” as they drink it in.  I am grateful to be blessed by a Creator who tends to us not only by being a source of life-giving light but also cares for us during the dark, cold seasons of our spirit as well.


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