where do you find peace in nature?

On Sunday, I spent my sabbath out in the woods, on and off a nature trail at a local park.  I bundled up and headed

double daffodil

out to clear my mind and spirit.  Along the trail, I found a set of double daffodils.  Just two.  Out of nowhere.  I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo.  As I got down on their level, I noticed 3 small periwinkle flowers nestled in some pine straw behind the yellow

blossoms.  Snap.

I continued on down the trail, and what was planned to be a quick run turned into an hour and a half of

Blue Ridge Mountains, March 2012

meandering, photographing, and observing.  Could not have been more peaceful.  Got me to thinking about the places and spaces in nature that bring me peace:  the Blue Ridge Mountains in autumn, a summer beach at sunset, a snowy trail in winter.

So where in nature do you find peace?  How often do you go there?  When can you go again?

5 thoughts on “where do you find peace in nature?

  1. I walk on the beach daily and find that I learn something new every day about life, God, myself and this amazing world we live in through nature’s teachings. I am in awe of the beauty of nature, its wildness, its many changing faces and her healing ability to return us to wholeness.

  2. today I was able to kayak on my favorite “slow” river…turtles were posers as I finished the morning paddle. taking the camera along slows things down and helps you to notice even more…like the beaver cuttings, seed pods and sky reflecting on the water. He shares beauty everywhere. Cool blog…I’ll stop again!

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