Horst Rechelbacher’s sustainable life “to do” list
Horst Rechelbacher’s sustainable life “to do” list

Horst Rechelbacher’s sustainable life “to do” list

In an article in Spirituality and Health (September-October 2008), Horst M. Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, discusses how we can live a sustainable personal life.  He suggests that we should take an inventory to ensure that our energy, emotions, spirituality, consciousness and health/well-being are cared for daily.  Consider these three areas—thoughts (Do your thoughts support what you are trying to become and accomplish or do they agitate you?), practice (Do you have practices that provide you with insight and knowledge as well as allow you to release fear and resentment?), and path (Are you on a path that is moving you in the direction of the goals you have set for yourself?).  By taking these three areas into account during your daily inventory, you allow yourself to continue to examine and re-create your life’s purpose, gain insight, make new choices, and set goals.

caring for our earth

Here is Rechelbacher’s “Sustainable To-Do” List

1.       Wake up!  Embrace your interdependence with all living things.

2.       Visualize and pursue goals with positive discipline.

3.       Recognize the opportunity in every crisis, and turn every crisis into an opportunity.

4.       Tune mind and senses through meditation.  Connect with the intelligence of nature, the spirit of the cosmos.

5.       Manage the laws of cause and effect by conducting a daily inventory and adapting behavior/actions.

6.       Ask:  How can I serve, nurture, and sustain the planet and people in my business and life choices?

7.       Study and directly experience the realities of our planetary crisis.

8.       Purchase wisely, knowing that every dollar you spend is a vote for or against a sustainable future.

9.       Learn to work and communicate as part of a dynamic team system.

10.   Let your gifts and knowledge outlive you by teaching and mentoring others.

11.   Express gratitude in your prayers for your successes in every area of life—past, present, and future.

12.   Rejuvenate and reinvent yourself daily through spiritual practice and creative evolution.

prayer, gratitude, and rejuvenation

13.   Appreciate and learn the lessons of past and present painful experiences, and unconditionally forgive those who have caused them.

14.   Gracefully accept challenges and lessons—they are gifts of God.

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