necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading 2

Ok, folks, got a few more to add to the list!

  • a garlic tube that peels garlic when you roll a clove of garlic inside it–saves lots of times and painful underneath-
    garlic tube for easy peeling

    the-fingernails when you need lots of garlic for pickling or marinara sauce

  • crock pot/slow cooker for all kinds of wonderful possibilities–homemade applesauce, broths, dinners, etc.
  • immersion blender–how I dream of this for Mother’s Day
  • a good mixer–love my red Kitchenaid with the different attachments
  • a large (at least 4 cup) glass measuring cup–makes a huge difference when you are canning large quantities of something and need to measure lots of liquid
  • a big canning pot and all the extras (see my blogpost on canning)
  • a citrus zester
  • small grater for citrus fruits and hard cheeses
  • a mandoline to slice food items very thin
  • my stainless compost bucket for kitchen

    inexpensive ramekins or glass containers–I use mine for holding ingredients for recipes, mixing small amounts of ingredients, making individual breakfast souffles or desserts, etc.

  • a good tea kettle and/or coffee press to enjoy that cup of somethin’ while you’re enjoying time in your kitchen
  • compost bucket–can’t believe I left this one out of the first list

Keep the comments coming!  Always good to keep a wish list on my fridge~


2 Comments on “necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading 2

  1. Another great list! Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of that garlic tube thingy. Now I want one. I also really want a large pressure canner. I’ve wanted one for 4 years, but I’m too cheap 🙂

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