from garden to kitchen–necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading
from garden to kitchen–necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading

from garden to kitchen–necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading

So, exciting day!  Two years cancer free, and I took my sister’s Christmas gift, a certificate to my most favorite local kitchen emporium ( and bought a whole bunch of guilty pleasures that are as functional as they are fun.  In walking through the store with my daughter, I started thinking about all the kitchen necessities and guilty pleasures for homesteading.  Tonight, I thought I’d start a list, but as you know, as I go through my day tomorrow, I may think of a few more so check back.  Got thoughts on necessities and guilty pleasures?  Please comment!

citrus press
  • large colander for washing, draining, and holding fruits and veggies for all homesteading activities
  • a large bowl for mixing, holding, marinating, preparing anything  (especially sugar and fruit for jam–check out my blogpost on canning or “we’re jammin'”)
  • a really good wooden spoon–nothing better for mixing and stirring
  • whisks in all sizes
  • multiblade scissors or chopping instrument for herbs that cuts without mashing them
  • a blender that has at least 5 settings
  • a large pot for soups and stews
  • a saute pan that simply releases the flavors of veggies
  • garlic press to add flavor to those veggies
  • a citrus press for lemons, limes, and clementine oranges
  • a good food processor (it is worth the investment)
  • a good paring knife with an eco-green cutting board
  • a large stainless steel tea ball, not only for tea but for herbs and other spices you want to infuse into jam, pickles, etc.
tea ball or as I like to refer to it "pickling spice holder"

Well–that looks like a good start and will certainly fill your cart on your next outing.  I’m gonna go dig around a bit and see what else I can find that I can suggest, but I wanna hear from you–share on!


  1. A grain mill, for grinding wheat into flour.
    Cheesecloth, for turning homemade yogurt into cheese
    A crock pot, for simmering homemade chicken stock
    An immersion blender, for pureed soups and baby food
    Mason jars, gosh I use them for everything
    Large glass pitchers, for making fermented beverages
    A family with an appetite, to help you eat all this food!

    1. All wonderful! Yes, a crock pot sits right on my counter, and I am addicted to Mason/Ball jars. Unfortunately, I am gluten intolerant so no grain mill here but am dreaming of an immersion blender for Mother’s Day! Thanks, arealfoodlover!

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