starting seeds 2
starting seeds 2

starting seeds 2

Ok, wow!  Thanks for all the blog hits on my starting seeds post last night.  You guys got me to thinking, and in hindsight, I realized that I’d left out some other great suggestions and thought I’d put ’em down tonight.

mini greenhouses with the tomato starts
  • pick out a good quality seed–I prefer only organic, heirloom, small farm seeds.  It’s part of my commitment to supporting small, local farmers and seeds that are healthy for our bodies.  My personal favorite
  • don’t go too quickly–enjoy looking over seed catalogs, reading what the seeds have to offer and what will work for your space; even if I’m not ordering from it, I am a sucker for a beautiful seed catalog
  • consider how you will be growing your seeds–containers, raised bed, vertically–that may impact which particular variety you select; for example, I choose more compact plants since my space is so limited
  • also, when selecting seed, think about what you want to eat and cook!  I choose pickling varieties of cucumbers because they stay crisp.  I also love paste and drying tomatoes so that I can make marinara and sundried tomatoes to last me all winter long.
  • a good rule of thumb for covering the seeds–the smaller the seed, the less dirt that needs to cover it
  • while popsicle sticks are cute (and I’ve done my share of popsicle sticks), they don’t work so well with watering or staying put in the mini greenhouses.  I just write on the lid with permanent marker or use sticky notes on the lid
  • make sure that if you are making mini greenhouses like I talked about in the “starting seeds” post that you poke some air holes in it.  You don’t want your seeds to get mildewy or moldy.
  • no matter how much you want to wear those new gardening gloves, it will be easier to place small seeds in the dirt with your bare fingertips or some sort of little seed gadget that lets seeds out one/a few at a time.  Plus, there’s something that makes me feel young again when I play in the dirt.
my faves!

Well, that’s all I’ve come up with for tonight–tomorrow’s another day, and I’ll be putting in the Black Beauty eggplant seeds.   Any other thoughts that come to mind, I’ll post here tomorrow pm.  In the meantime, get yourself some catalogs and let the planning begin!


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