light in the morning

From the livingroom window of our home, I can observe two of my favorite things–our small farm below and the sun

winter sunrise

rising from behind the mountains.   While we live in a suburban neighborhood, our house sits atop a small hill which places us just above the house across the street.  In the winter when leaves are resting quietly on the ground, we are graced with the most beautiful mountain views including sunrises of swirled peaches, lavenders, corals, violets.

Each morning in the haste of getting myself and a groggy tween ready to start the day, I don’t always have the time to stop and let that light fill my soul.  Opening the curtains, however, reminds me to stop and take a moment to soak up the light and the artistry of our Creator.

Often, I wish that the sunrise didn’t occur until my quiet time between school drop off and heading to work so that I could have time to sit and enjoy the “fire on the mountain.”  Perhaps, though, that is how the Creator intended it–teaching me to stop amidst the busyness and have a moment of peace before journeying on though my day.

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