“homesteading” the homesteader
“homesteading” the homesteader

“homesteading” the homesteader

This weekend, I am taking a bit of a sabbath.  My tween is gone (’nuff said), I have no work or ministry obligations, and most importantly, I’ve made the commitment to homestead my myself.  Yes, that’s what I said “homestead myself.”

the homesteader in her "comfy' clothes

I consider myself a homesteader (see the growing grace farm dictionary), and I take that commitment seriously.  On top of my other responsibilities, I spend a lot of time caring for, creating in, and cleaning up my farm.  Rarely, do I do the same for myself so this weekend, I’ll be homesteading Cameron.

As I reflected on writing this post this morning, I began thinking about how my body is also a home–it houses everything that is important to me–my mind, my spirit, my health, my feelings.  I don’t often take time, however, to homestead for me, and you can imagine what that leads to–a grumpy mom/co-worker/friend who becomes emotionally and spiritually worn out.

So~how to homestead for you?  Let’s see. . .

  • eat healthily
  • drink lots of water
  • get plenty of sleep (no alarms set for me this morning!)
  • do something you love to do (yes, the unkempt house you are not homesteading in will not fall apart)
  • find time for quiet
  • connect with a friend
  • get outside
  • care for your body (hot bath/shower, massage, yoga, etc.)
  • do at least one thing that is just for you and enjoy it  (there are no “guilty” pleasures)

Most importantly, do it with the same passion and enthusiasm that you homestead your home, farm, garden, etc.  When you are centered and rejuvenated so too will everything else, and believe me, if these walls in our homes could talk, they would thank you for it.


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