homemade suet for the birds

One of my favorite activities is to put a bunch of seed and suet out for the birds, make a big cup of green tea, then sit on

pileated woodpecker

my little red stool by the back door and watch the morning feeding time.  It’s amazing the birds you will attract with homemade suet.  I have a pileated woodpecker about 18 inches long who will swoop in and eat until he can’t fly–he barely makes it over to another tree then hops his way up it until he can tiptoe across a branch into his hole.

Growing Grace Farm’s Recipe for Homemade Suet

Key point:  do not add too much peanut butter as it can clog the throats of birds

In a large soup pot over medium heat, melt a canister of vegetable shortening (I never use animal shortening).  Add two heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter.  Stir until completely melted and blended.  Remove from burner.

Let cool until begins to thicken.  Add 3-4 cups of bird seed.

Using plastic containers (such as tupperware or ziploc), pour melted suet mixture into container.  Stir a bit to incorporate seed.  Pour suet into several containers until used up (I typically need 4-5 containers filled 3/4 full).

Place in freezer until completely solid.  Remove containers as you need them for birds.

blue bird couple lovin' on the suet

Twist container until the suit square pops out.  Hang/put outside in feeder.

Sometimes, if the shortening/peanut butter mixture is a bit warm upon placing in freezer, I will go back and stir one more time after about 20 minutes when it has begun to thicken.  This final stir will ensure that seed is mixed all the way through and not just on the bottom.



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