what makes a “house” a “home”
what makes a “house” a “home”

what makes a “house” a “home”

Welcome to our house.  Here is the room we are most proud of—

The kitchen,

Crossroads of friendship

And the world’s blessings.

~Modern prayer from Bilbao, Spain

One weekend, I committed myself to cleaning out the entire house.  For me that included throwing out and cleaning up.  It is no small endeavor as I am a packrat and have passed on this wonderful quality to my daughter as well.  When I get the throwing out bug in my veins, I figure I’d better hop to it—it’s not often that I am moved to get rid of things.

As I began in the kitchen, I realized I always start there.  It seems that if I can get this room in order, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I guess that’s because the kitchen is the gathering place of my family—we do homework here, we take meals together here, we laugh and cook together here, and we cry over spilt milk here.

As I was digging through cabinets, I ran across my silver baby cup and Hayley’s silver baby cup.  I remember how she used to bang them on the table as an infant then drink from them as a toddler.  I found the crystal sugar bowl that my ex-husband’s grandmother gave me and encouraged me to keep after our divorce.  In the way back was a teapot my mother made me the year I had my first apartment so I’d have something nice to use when people came over.   All of these memories offered me many blessings  as I continued to search every nook and cranny dividing trash and treasure.

Our houses become homes as they are filled with love and memories and joy.  Today, I encourage you to count the blessings found in your house that make it a home for you.

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