It’s what you do that makes your soul.  ~Barbara Kingsolver

I have started this gardening and farming blog as a way of documenting my own commitment, be it ever so small, to permaculture in my immediate surroundings.  Part of my journey has included writing about and photographing the transformation of my suburban yard to what I now refer to fondly as “growing grace farm,” and I wanted to share it with others–hopefully, inspiring people to grow a little more, consume a little less, and learn to “just be” with their surroundings.

I have found that by interacting with the environment and learning to garden for sustainability, I have connected with creation in a way that is much deeper and intentional than I ever would have imagined.  My love of gardening has developed into a spiritual passion for appreciating and nurturing all that exists outside my front door.  Rather than waiting for the right place and time to begin a farm, I have shifted my own paradigm to create the right place and time to here and now.

This journey began four years ago and continues to inspire, renew, and teach me so many lessons about the earth, plants, animals and myself.   It has made me who I have become and who I hope to be.

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